If you have Purchased a Gift Card as a Gift or Transferred a remaining Balance to a Family Member, Friend or Colleague and it is never received there are multiple things that can be done AND DO NOT WORRY, YOUR CARD IS NOT LOST!

    Cardlis has taken steps to protect your purchase and will try to contact you if we notice a Gifted Card has not been accepted or used in       reasonable time

Common issues for a non-receipt of a Card:

- The recipient is not a Cardlis Customer: If the person you have gifted to is using Cardlis, then the Card will be deposited directly into their Cardlis account AS LONG AS THE EMAIL USED MATCHES THE E-MAIL REGISTERED ON CARDLIS!

- Wrong e-mail is entered or the recipient no longer uses that selected e-mail

- The recipient has not checked their e-mail within 7 days to accept the Card

Steps to Ensuring the Card is sent back to the Rightful Owner:

Contact Cardlis via email help@cardlis.com and communicate the Card name and contact you were sending it to!  Cardlis will then release the Card back to the Purchaser where it will be available to re-transfer from the Cardlis APP OR Cardlis can sent it to the Gifted recipient at your will.