Adding/Redeeming Points or Units to a Purchase

  • When a barcode is scanned on either a customers phone or on a printed certificate the APP will automatically detect the Card, User, Available Points and Value.
  • The default entry is ADD PURCHASE
    • Enter the Gross Value or a descriptor if wished and proceed
    • A recap will appear - Select OK

    • Select Points Redeem and enter the Gross Value of the Purchase.
    • Cardlis will apply the maximum amount of points for the purchase and suggest the remaining cash to be collected in the Recap that populates.
    • GST/TAXES are calculated on the remaining difference of Purchase Subtotal - Loyalty Points Balance.   
    • Discount - Total $ Available from Cardlis for Points Redeemed
    • Remaining to Be Paid - Balance Owing for reference & Value used in additional purchase transactions if required using Merchant APP Settings.

Gift Card Purchase

-  When a Gift Card is Scanned, Cardlis Automatically knows its Type!  You will view a card that shows a "Price" Starting Balance and Value Left.

To redeem Gift Card Values - Enter the SUBTOTAL in the provided area beside "Enter Purchase Value".  

You will receive a Pop-up stating the purchase value and payment that is needed if any additional cash is required